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Refer a friend and earn money for your friend, as well as yourself.  Earn up to $75 in your ArrowPointe checking account.  Come in today to see what you win.

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Your first auto loan actually helps you earn money.  Purchasing your first car is a big step, but when you successfully make your payments on   time, ArrowPointe will reward you with cash back in your checking account.  Start earning today.  

online shoppingEarn cash back on your Visa© Credit Card to help make your payments.  You can also earn points to redeem for gift cards by making purchases with your ArrowPointe Visa Credit Card.  Start earning rewards today!

We will pay $500 of your closing costs for a Home Equity Loan or a Short Term Mortgage.  Home Equity Loans can help you make repairs around your home, signing paper at deskpay for emergency expenses or go on vacation.  Short Term Mortgages can help you pay your home off faster, so you can do more with your monthly budget.  Find the home loan that works for you.

pocket with cash and car keys Earn up to $100 for moving your car loan to ArrowPointe.  When you move your auto or home loan over to ArrowPointe, you will receive a   bonus deposit in your checking account of up to $100.  Earn your bonus now.

girl holding cashWe don't charge to use someone else's ATM.  Sometimes you need cash and aren't near an ArrowPointe ATM.  Don't worry, you will not be charged a fee to use a non-ArrowPointe ATM.  No more ATM fees, more money in your pocket.