The Results are In!

Your votes have been cast and the results are in: ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union is merging with Founders Federal Credit Union! We at ArrowPointe are deeply proud of how far our Credit Union has come in the past 60 years and look forward to the additional benefits and services that will soon become available to our members.

Founders is excited to welcome ArrowPointe’s employees and members to Founders Federal Credit Union. The merger was officially approved July 14, 2021 after a vote open to all credit union members. ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union will become Founders Federal Credit Union on January 21, 2022.

Now that the merger has been officially approved you will begin to see more information on what comes next. Keep your eyes open for any news or updates on our website, social media, or sent to your inbox.

As we merge with Founders, we will adopt their name and your membership will transfer automatically. You will continue to receive the highest quality of service you deserve with added benefits, a personalized member experience and additional financial tools to make your life more relaxed.

It is our goal to make this merger as seamless as possible for both members and employees. All ArrowPointe FCU offices are expected to be retained and will become Founders Federal Credit Union offices, meaning you will have more locations and easier access to your accounts! ArrowPointe employees are also expected to make the transition to Founders. In the meantime, your finances are secure. We are working hand in hand with Founders to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, ArrowPointe members will benefit from access to a wider array of products and services, additional offices and ATMs and the Founders commitment to member service.

We know you may have questions and we’re here to answer them. So please, feel free to reach out to any ArrowPointe or Founders employee. To find out more about Founders products and services, please visit

More information to follow. Relax … you’re with Founders.

For questions, just email us at

Or Call 1-877-348-6184