Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, we get it, juggling all the information about interest rates, home equity, and credit can get pretty confusing. Lucky for you, we’ve got it covered at every step. Ideally, we’d love for you to give us a call or stop by and say hello, but we understand our members like to operate on their own time every now and then. That’s why we’ve got these nifty FAQ’s below for you. We’re making it our Pointe to make this as easy as possible for you.

  • New Security Feature for Member Access Online

    Where do I find the information on the new security features on Member Access Online?
    Please scroll down on this page to the "Member Access" section and there are several questions/answers regarding the new security features. The first of the questions is entitled "New Security Feature for Online Banking". You can also read the information that was sent out in our last newsletter by clicking on the "Credit Union News" link at the top-right-hand corner of your screen, going to the "Newsletter" tab and open Winter2007. On the second page is some general information about the new changes. As always, call or email your local branch if you have additional questions.

    Contact Us Security

    How can I contact the credit union in the most secure way to protect my personal information?
    You should always be aware of what information you input into normal email channels. If you need to use the credit union's online services to contact us for help, we recommend that you use our secure forms of communication, such as our Contact Us** electronic form. This form will allow your information to be encrypted as it is sent to the credit union. Other forms of email may not support encryption. Please take this in consideration when contacting us. Also, please familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy on this issue. **Contact Us electronic form can be found by clicking on the "Help" drawer at the top right hand corner of your screen and then clicking on the Contact Us tab.

  • ATM Locations

    Where are your ATMs located?
    We have ATMs at each of our branches: Catawba, Lancaster, Great Falls, Old Pointe, Anderson Rd, Patriots Center, and Fort Mill. We also have an ATM in the main canteen at the Resolute Forest Products mill. In addition to these four ATM locations, our members have access to their accounts worldwide - just look for the accel and/or Plus logos. 

  • Children's Membership

    How may my child or grandchild benefit from the Bentley's Kids Club?
    Bentley's Kids Club offers each child an opportunity to be rewarded for saving money. Each parent is also rewarded by an opportunity to get a better rate for savings with a junior share certificate. To read about these benefits, click on the "Bentley's Kids Club" link in the "Main" drawer at the top of the screen. Then go to the "Shares" tab and click on "Bentley Kid's Club" page link in the yellow box or call one of our branches.

  • Credit Union History

    What is a credit union?
    Unlike a bank, a credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution. It is member-owned and governed by a member-elected Board of Directors who volunteer to serve.
    Members are encouraged to save - creating "shares." These shares create a common fund which allows our members to borrow at interest rates typically lower than those offered by banks.

    Interest from these loans creates income for the credit union, which is returned to the members in the form of dividends and expanded financial services. This income also supports operating costs and provides adequate services.

    Credit Union Operations

    How does a credit union work?
    Members are encouraged to save, and these savings are known as shares. All of these shares make up a common fund from which members can borrow at lower interest rates than typically found through other lenders. Interest from these loans creates income for the credit union, which is returned to members in the form of dividends and expanded financial services. The rest is used to pay operating costs and to provide adequate reserves. 

    Credit Unions vs. Banks

    How is a credit union different from a bank? 
    Unlike a bank, a credit union is not-for-profit. Credit unions operate under a charter issued by a federal or state government agency. Credit unions are member-owned and governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, which voluntarily serves the credit union. 

  • Becoming Involved With Your CU

    How can I become more involved in my credit union? 
    There are lots of ways to become more involved in the day-to-day practices of ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union. For starters, come to our annual meeting, which is held in March every year. Look into running for the Board of Directors, or inquire about becoming part of the Nominating Committee which picks candidates to fill Board vacancies. Visit our branches, meet our employees, and share with us your thoughts and feelings about our credit union. We’re always glad to hear from our members, because they are what keep us going!

    Joining ArrowPointe

    How do I join? 
    It’s easy! Simply complete a brief application and deposit a minimum of $5 into a savings account. Visit our Membership Section or contact us for more information. 

    Membership Eligibility

    Who can join ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union?
    Membership in ArrowPointe is open to those who live, work, worship, or attend school in York, Lancaster, or southeast Chester counties. Any relative of a member may also join. A $5 minimum opening deposit is all it takes. And remember, once a member, always a member! Please contact one of our offices for more information.

  • Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

    What number do I call if my Visa Check card (debit card) is lost or stolen and the credit union is closed?
    Report your lost or stolen Visa Check card immediately so it can be hotcarded. You can call your local branch, our toll free number- 1-877-348-6184 during business hours. After hours, call Visa at 1-800-554-8969. You may need to call the credit union the next business day to reissue your card. 

  • Account Transfers

    How can I transfer funds from my share account to my joint checking account with my spouse? They have 2 different share numbers. 
    All transfers must be done within the same share account number. They can not be done between two different share accounts, even if you are an owner or joint owner on both.

    Draft Inquiries

    The system will not verify that my check has cleared from more than 3 months ago; the system says it checked up to 6 months ago. 
    The system is set up to check all of those drafts that have cleared your account within the last 2-3 months. Any checks that may have cleared before that time need to be checked by someone at your local branch. Our system keeps 2 full months and the current month and deletes all others (for checking accounts). 

    Loan Payments

    Can I transfer my loan payments online? 
    Loan payments can be done online and they take effect immediately. You can also transfer funds to pay off your loans.

    Log-in Problem

    When I enter my UserID & password, I get no response. What did I do wrong? 
    If nothing is working, try pressing the "TAB" key and then the "ENTER" key. You can also click on the "Enter" button on the screen.

    New Security Changes

    Why is ArrowPointe FCU making these changes? 
    The security enhancements will offer you added safety by helping ensure that only you can access your credit union account. ArrowPointe FCU has never been successfully hacked, and no members have been phished. But phishing is the fastest growing crime in the country. To ensure that we proactively keep our members safe and secure, we are implementing this new security feature.

    New Security Feature for Online Banking

    What is the new security feature?
    You have always authenticated yourself to Member Access Online Banking when you log in with your User-Id and password. Now, we'll also authenticate ourselves to you. You will know with certainty that you are visiting ArrowPointe's Online Banking site because you will be presented with your picture and text phrase every time you log in.

    You will simply enroll your account, select a picture and a text phrase for that picture, and choose & answer 3 challenge phrases. **Your password and User-Id will not change as a result of this new security update.**

    Online Security

    How will the new security feature make my account more secure? 
    The security upgrade will protect you from accidently revealing your User-Id and password to a fake site. In addition, if someone does somehow get your User-Id and password, he will still not be able to access your account because it is not at your registered computer. How it will work: when someone tries to login using your stolen User-Id and password, we will recognize that they are logging in from a different computer, and we will ask them a secret question (that you previously set up at enrollment). Since only you know the answers to your secret questions, they will not be able to give a correct answer. They will not be able to login.

    Online Security Information

    Why do I need to set up a picture and text for added security? 
    Fraudsters attempt to trick people into giving up their personal information, such as passwords and account numbers, by creating fake web sites that look a lot like the real web site. This is called phishing. Your "PassMark" image and text phrase that your set up at enrollment are a simple countermeasure to these attacks, as well as protection against other forms of identity fraud. 

    PassMark and PassPhrase

    What is a PassMark and PassPhrase? 
    Your PassMark and PassPhrase are part of the new security feature to Member Access Online Banking. The PassMark is actually an image that you choose from a list of images when you enroll your account. The PassPhrase is a text phrase that you will type in that will go with the image you selected for your PassMark. Both the image and the phrase will be displayed each time you log in to Member Access Online so you can be sure that you are on ArrowPointe's web site.


    What do I do I forget my password or if I do not know if I have a password? 
    If you have set up your account for Member Access Password Reset, you may reset your own password without having to call the credit union. (Note: you must set this feature up while successfully logged into your account on Member Access, before you forget the password!)


    1. Logon to your account in Member Access
    2. Click on "Preferences"
    3. Follow the instructions for the Password Reset feature

    If you forget your password:

    1. At the Member Access Login screen, click on "Forget Password?" link
    2. Follow the instructions for the reset.


    The system will not allow me to transfer from my Vacation or my Christmas Clubs. 
    How can I do this? 

    These two accounts are restricted accounts and require an authorization from an employee of the credit union. Please call an employee to have them transfer the funds for you. (You can transfer any amount to the accounts, but not from the accounts.)

  • Security of Funds

    Will my funds be secure?
    Very…we’ve taken several steps to ensure your money is safe:

    • A total of each member’s account(s) is insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.
    • An ample reserve fund has been established.
    • An NCUA examiner annually examines our operations and accounts.
    • Annual audits are made by an auditing firm employed by the Supervisory Committee.
    • Funds not used in loans to members are only invested in government-backed or insured securities.
    • All transactions are completely confidential.
  • Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Cards

    What do I do if my Visa Credit card is lost or stolen?
    Report your lost or stolen Visa Credit cards immediately. During business hours, you can call your local branch or our toll free number- 1-877-348-6184. To report a lost or stolen card after hours, please call Visa at 1-844-352-5697. Please call your local branch the next business day to have a new card reissued to you. 

    Visa Online

    How can I access my ArrowPointe Visa credit card information online?
    Please click on the "Anytime Banking" button at the top left-hand corner of the screen and then log into your credit union account. Once logged in, select the Account Details for your Visa credit card. On the details page, there is a link to connect you to the Visa credit card site to access more details on your credit card account. For log-in or password help, please call your local branch or if you are out of our calling area, call toll free 1-877-348-6184.

    Visa Payments

    Can I transfer my visa payment from my account online? 
    Yes, Member Access allows you to transfer your payment from your share or share draft account to your ArrowPointe FCU Visa card. Your payment can take up to 24 hours to update on Visa's system (on normal business days). 

    Visa Scam Alert

    What can I do to protect myself from this recent scam? 
    ArrowPointe FCU was recently alerted about a scam on member Visa Debit or Visa Credit Cards. We care about keeping your personal information secure, therfore we are posting the information regarding this scam to help provide you with awareness and protection of your personal information.
    This scam came in the form of an email to a member stating that their Visa Debit and/or Visa Credit Card had been compromised. The letter informs the member to scan and email a copy of his/her debit card, credit card, resent statement or utility bill, and a valid photo ID. If the member does not send the information within 72 hours, the letter states that he/she may face leagal liabilities and/or terminate their membership. (The email also appears to come from Visa)

    ArrowPointe FCU does notify its members of compromised cards, however we do not currently email our members this notification and we certainly do not recommend that you send your personal information to us via email. If you do have a compromised card, we will contact you through our normal procedure, either by phone or by postal mail. The notification will be general and will usually require you to give us a call back. To be sure that you are returning the call from one of our employees, you may call any of our four branches and ask an employee to verify the identity of the person that called you. Also, we wouldn't need you to make a copy of your Visa Debit or Visa Credit card and send to us because we already have all the information we need about the cards we issue in our database.

    If you would like any other information about how to protect yourself, please feel free to give us a call. Thank you for your membership.