Insurance Services

When its time to protect your family — your most valuable assets — turn to the ones focused on you. Whether auto, home or life insurance, ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union is focused on helping you find the best policies and the most affordable, member-only rates. 

Auto Insurance

You never really need insurance.  That is...until you need it.  And as much time as we spend in and around our vehicles, wouldn't it be wise to get the best coverage possible?  Now, comparing the choices are even easier.  So, learn about the different options from the experts and let us help you best protect your vehicles today. 

Protect your vehicle today.

Recuperative Care

Unfortunately, illnesses and accidents can cause many financial hardships. For example, a single night in the hospital could costs an average of $3,949.[1] What is even more unfortunate is to learn how 45% of uninsured individuals don't have adequate coverage simply due to costs. [2]  Now, there's some help with Reuperative Care.  ArrowPointe Members can now get paid to get better. 

Enroll in a Recuperative Care Plan today for hospital-stay cash benefits of $200 per day for sickness or $400 a day for injuries/accidents. You can use those funds to cover utilities, childcare, prescriptions, and any other expenses you choose. And here's the best part - it is guaranteed coverage.  No physical exam required. No health questions asked.

Protect what matters most. Enroll in Recuperative Care today. 

Life Insurance

If you’d like your family to be better protected, we’d like to help. Together with our partner LifeHelp, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop for the life insurance you need to protect your loved ones.

You might be surprised how easily and affordably you can arrange for coverage to:

  • Pay for final expenses, such as funeral and medical bills
  • Allow your family to continue living in their home or apartment
  • Ensure your children can still receive the education you want for them
  • Pay off outstanding credit cards, and personal or business loans
  • Leave your family better able to face all of life’s many expenses

Learn more about LifeHelp Insurance Services for Young Family Group Term Life Insurance or for 50-Plus Group Term Life Insurance
For questions or to get started, call LifeHelp at 1-800-345-4543. 


ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union wants to help protect your family with

ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union members age 18 or older you can help protect your family’s financial future with Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. In addition to the $1,000.00 Credit Union Paid coverage paid for you by ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union, you can purchase Additional Coverage at group rates.

• You are pre-authorized for Additional Coverage up to $300,000
• Your acceptance is guaranteed - No Medical Exams or Health Questions
• Benefits are paid to your beneficiary if you die from a covered accident

You cannot be turned down for the Credit Union Paid Coverage —or any additional coverage you may select. All coverage reduces by 50% at age 70 and older, regardless of age at enrollment.
Remember, the $1,000.00 coverage is at no cost to you. It’s complimentary of ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union.

Enroll in AD&D Coverage

¹All Coverage is reduced by 50% at age 70 and older. This reduction also applies even if you have attained the age of 70 when you first obtain coverage. The family plan insures spouse and children at a percentage of your coverage amount. *Insurance is underwritten by Federal Insurance Company, a Chubb company.  Exclusions and limitations apply.  Chubb, Box 1615, Warren, N.J. 07061-1615.