Checking That's Really Free

Are you tired of paying bank fees? Ready to keep more of your money every month? Open a Checking Account with no monthly fees, no minimum balance and a free Visa© Debit Card, so your money stays in your account.

Checking Just for You

  • No monthly fees - Keeping your money safe shouldn't cost you anything.

  • Easy account opening - You can access your money quickly and get your Visa debit card before you leave the branch

  • Anytime Banking - You can check your balance, make a transfer and more with online banking, telephone banking and 24/7 card services available to you when you need them.

  • Direct Deposit - Enjoy your money on payday without making a trip to the credit union

  • Overdraft protection - Don't worry if you forgot to transfer money for that purchase, we can help you.

Open your FREE checking account today! 

Make Money With a Money Market Account

Let your money make more money for you without the risk.

Your Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) gives you a unique combination of benefits when you maintain a high balance in your savings account, but don't want the commitment of a long-term investment. These benefits include:

  • Only $1,000 required to open and maintain the MMDA

  • Your MMDA earns a higher yield than a savings account, so your money grows faster

  • Use your money whenever you want

  • Watch your money grow every month with dividends

See what your MMDA can do you for you.