Mobility Is On-The-Go Banking

An iPhone featuring the Arrowpointe AppNow, you can take us along for the ride whenever and wherever you go. Our mobile app lets you do it all, including making a deposit to your account & getting your balance instantly.  With our on-the- go banking, you’ll always avoid waiting in lines and on-hold wait time.  And the best part ….it's free, safe, easy to use and oh so convenient.

We know you're busy, and sometimes there's not enough time to make a trip to the credit union. So, enjoy the benefits of being a member and get started with these free services today! 

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Instant Balance

Ever needed your account balances right away…but didn’t have time to wait on hold?
Now, with Instant Balance you can get your account balance right away – without even having to log in! 

Easy Set Up:

  • Find “Instant Balance” settings in the “More” Menu of your mobile app. 
  • Switch Instant Balance on
  • Choose the account balances you want to view without logging in. 

Simple to Use:

  • Once set up, tap on the instant balance icon on the login screen
  • View your balance instantly 

**Tip: make sure you have “Save ID” on.

Anywhere Deposits

So, the good news is you’ve just received a check!!!  It is time to make a deposit into your account.  The not-so-great news is that it is Friday at 5:58pm and you’re nowhere near a branch. You place it in the night deposit box at any the 7 locations.  BUT why?  With ArrowPointe’s Anywhere deposits, you can deposit it now…from anywhere. 

Just log into your ArrowPointe Mobile App, click the “deposit” tab and select "deposit check". 

Enter the amount of the check and take a clear picture of the check (front and back please).  

And that’s it*. It is really just that simple. 

*Funds are normally received within two business days.  Please hang on to your paper check until funds are posted to your account.  

**Tip: To prevent deposit delays, please write “for mobile deposit only” on the back of the check before taking a picture of it.