Of all the people you pay, don't forget to pay yourself too. Saving for a rainy day is a wise choice. Our Savings Accounts earn dividends and are a convenient place to watch your money grow! This required savings/share account represents your ownership of the credit union and entitles you to all of the benefits our product line has to offer.

Get The Benefits Of Savings Today

  • An initial deposit of $5 is all it takes to open the Savings/Share Account.
  • Make deposits/withdrawals anytime: in person, or by mail.
  • Deposits can also be made by direct deposit, or payroll deduction.
  • A Savings/Share Account can provide overdraft protection to your checking account!

Now, Saving For Christmas Just Got Easier

  • Designate a special savings just for the holidays
  • Even set up automated deposits
  • Just in time for shopping, we'll send the funds to you

It's like setting aside a Christmas Bonus.  Because we're focused on you, it pays to save.  Just ask us how much!

Dividends are calculated on the daily balance and paid quarterly.