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Bentley the beaver is busy saving money and you can too! By joining the Bentley's Kids Club today you can learn how saving money can be fun.  Any child 12 or under can join ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union through the Kid's Club with a $5.00 minimum deposit. You can even meet Bentley the Beaver in person!

Money Counts Challenge

Every time you have a deposit to your savings account, bring the workbook from the button below to a credit union branch with ONE completed exercise and have it stamped. When you have made FIVE trips and completed all FIVE exercises, $5.00 will be added to your savings account*. 

Get Free Gifts

Learn how being a Bentley's kids club member can earn you free gifts. Learn More.

Let's Play

Bentley's Money Bags. Play Now!

Grow Your Money

Bentley's Kids Club is the perfect place to save birthday money, holiday gifts, and allowances because these funds will earn dividends which means more money for you. The more money you save the bigger it will grow year after year. Learn More.

Bentley Answers Your Questions

How do I save money?

When you add money to your savings account it will begin to gain interest. The longer the money is in your account the more you will earn and save. Submit.