Kids Can Save Too

Helping your kids succeed in life is important to you. By joining Bentley's Kids Club, you are helping your kids learn how saving money can be fun and an important thing to do. Any child 12 or under can join Bentley's Kids Club with a $5 minimum deposit. This is a great place for your child to save birthday money, holiday gifts or an allowance and watch it grow by earning dividends.

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Money Counts Challenge

Teaching your kids about money is important, but should also be fun for them. When your child has a deposit to make into their savings account, bring the workbook from the button below to an ArrowPointe branch with ONE completed exercise and have it stamped. When your child has made FIVE trips and completed all FIVE exercises, $5 will be added to your child's savings account*. Downloand the Money Counts Worksheet

Let's Play!

World of Cents

Available in web-based or app versions. Match coins to earn money, then decide how to spend it building a magical world!

World of Cents is a fun and engaging, kid-friendly game for ages 5 and up. Choose a character to participate in a vibrant world full of whimsical playhouses. Then, select one of three levels to challenge your math and matching skills. Switch between your playhouses and coin matching game to earn money, then decide how to spend it building your own magical world. See how much money is earned and how much is being spent by watching your bank account go up and down as you make decisions to buy, sell, or upgrade your playhouses.

Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure Game

A throwback to The Oregon Trail® type game play, “Hit the Road” takes you on a virtual road trip across the country, but the journey is not an easy one. You must save and spend your money wisely to complete challenges along the way.

Test Your Money Memory

How well do you know the faces on dollars and coins?