Savings for Everyone

Your Savings Account at ArrowPointe can unlock benefits just for you. Enjoy competitive rates and great member service helping you save for something you really want. It's a simple process and you can open your account with a $5 deposit and no minimun balance required. You can set up direct deposit or payroll deductions to go straight into your ArrowPointe Savings Account, so your life is simpler.

Start saving to buy a house, a car or a much-needed vacation. Keeping your savings in a shoebox under your bed is convenient, but you can get so much more when you open a Savings Account at ArrowPointe.  We even have a special account just to help you save for Christmas spending.

Saving money can seem hard to do. See how easy it is for you with our Certified Financial Counselors right by your side.  You'll be surprised how easy it is to start saving today.

To learn more about our savings account services or to set up your account, call 1.877.348.6184 today.

Your Funds are Insured up to $500,000

Your funds are federally insured through NCUA to at least $250,000, but we DOUBLE that coverage with an additional $250,000 of coverage from Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI). NCUA and ESI insure individual, joint and IRA accounts separately — contact us for help in structuring your accounts to maximize your protection.